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Three phases of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project have been approved and are proceeding through the design process. These three phases are located within the City of Minot. In addition to the Minot segments, the Souris River Joint Board is working with the rural residents to address flood protection within the rural reaches through the StARR Program along with a variety of other initiatives.

In June, the Napa Valley and Forest Road phases of the project reached a design milestone of 30% complete. The information was presented to the Souris River Joint Board, City of Minot staff and at a public meeting held on June 30. Construction is estimated to start in 2017.

The Fourth Avenue phase hit the 30% design level in November and following the presentation to the Souris River Joint Board and the City of Minot staff, a public meeting was held November 9. Construction is planned for 2017 and will likely conclude in 2019.

Current maps of the three phases are provided below.

Fourth Ave Full Plan (document)
File Size: 974.13 kb

General Plan

Fourth Ave West End Detail (document)
File Size: 1218.58 kb

West End Detail

Fourth Ave Center Detail (document)
File Size: 1188.96 kb

Center Detail

Fourth Ave East End Detail (document)
File Size: 727.83 kb

East End Detail

Fourth Ave Floodwall Details (document)
File Size: 619.63 kb

Floodwall Details

Fourth Ave Floodwall Concept Designs (document)
File Size: 1664.07 kb

Floodwall Concept Designs

Gateway Concepts (document)
File Size: 6360.19 kb

Gateway Concepts

Napa Valley Levee (document)
File Size: 1881.41 kb

Napa Valley Levee

Forest Road Levee (document)
File Size: 1631.52 kb

Forest Road Levee

Closure Structure (document)
File Size: 454.67 kb

Closure Structure

Perkett Pump Station (document)
File Size: 293.85 kb

Perkett Pump Station

Centennial Park Concept (document)
File Size: 4522.43 kb

Centennial Park Concept

Centennial Forest Concept (document)
File Size: 5220 kb

Centennial Forest Concept

Wee Links Concept (document)
File Size: 3563.81 kb

Wee Links Concept

Souris Valley Golf Course Concept (document)
File Size: 7009.05 kb

Souris Valley Golf Course Concept

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